Faqs About Gum Grafting
By Meredith Gantos DDS, FAGD
July 30, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Gum grafting is a dental procedure that renews and restores gingival tissue. At Meredith Gantos, DDS in Naperville, IL, this treatment is gum graftingused to fix gum recession and to increase the chances of successful dental implantation for some patients. Explore some of the frequently asked questions that dental patients have about gum grafting and how your dentist can use this procedure to help your smile.

What Happens at a Gum Grafting Procedure?
Gum grafting is the process of adding replacement bone tissue to the area around or below your gumline so that it can encourage the growth of new healthy bone tissue. Your dentist uses donated grafting material or harvests bone from another part of your mouth for the procedure. After the new graft is added, it is closed with a very fine suturing material and given time to heal. 

Why Is Gum Grafting Needed?
Gum grafting is used to restore lost tissue when the gum recedes around a tooth (common in patients who have been treated for periodontitis). Gum recession can make the teeth more sensitive to cold and hot sensations. The root of the tooth is also sometimes darker in appearance, making it a cosmetic problem. Some patients need gum grafting before they can be considered for dental implantation. Dental implants require a sufficient amount of bone tissue to stay positioned in the jaw. Some dental patients who have concerns about their jaws going slack or sagging due to the natural process of aging may benefit from gum grafting.

How Long Does Grafting Take to Work?
The grafting procedure is relatively quick and can be done in one short appointment with your Naperville dentist. Many sessions are completed in about 45 minutes. It may take several months before the bone tissue fully regenerates. Observing pristine oral hygiene habits and eating healthy foods will increase the chance of positive results. Your dentist will schedule a follow-up appointment and check your smile for progress.

More Questions About Gum Grafting?
Any additional questions you have about gum grafting can be addressed by your Naperville, IL, dentist. Call (630) 420-9090 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Meredith Gantos, Dr. Britly Barton or Dr. Danielle Cascioli.


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